Saturday, 14 June 2014

Alan Titmarsh Type Moments Dans Notre Jardin!

When Darrell returned home from his last visit to London to see Hugh,  his best friend and mentor who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill he found  two small packages secreted amongst the clothes in his suitcase  ………
…… the said packages contained small balls of tissue impregnated with wild flower seeds with the message which said alluringly  “Plant Me …. I Will Grow!” …….
……. which we all thought was a very “romantic” gesture in a manly, man to man, rufty tufty sort of way, not involving romance, if you know what I mean!
So, we ventured into the potting shed of Castle Greysquirrel and returned with compost and what Darrell assured us were tres de rigueur, London shabby chic plant pots (or the giant baked bean tins that Nigel salvaged from the kitchen bins), and we proceeded to reap sew sow.

We have to admit to being strangers of the soil ……but as we don’t think there was any need for cross polarisation pollenisation, biennial mulching, or any robust hardening off and pruning ……..
…… we just used on our inherent and latex  latent horticulturalogical instinct, and half remembered snippets from Gardeners Question Time on a Sunday afternoon, finishing  with a profuse watering of leftover cold tea …… and we stopped thankfully before Nigel had time to think of any manure type suggestions!We then placed the pots beside Andy’s pool, instructing Nigel that he was now on Plant Watch, with strict instructions to inform us of ANY developments of a germination type nature!  How very exciting!!!!


Mr.D said...

Plant watch, slug watch and drying out watch too.
Looking good.
I don't think I am shabby chic, just shabby.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect gift for the garden!...those baked bean tins are an inspired shabby chic in the US any metal is very much "in" and rusted metal especially .....that garden is going to be lovely and will certainly have Andy's approval.....with Nigel on duty those seeds are safe!...Dianne