Friday, 6 June 2014

Time To Say Goodbye

Darrell’s trip to London to stay with Hugh was indeed fleeting, but he had promised Nigel and I fervently that he would be back in time for the Britain’s Got Talent final tomorrow night, as we had already been parted for The Eurovision Song Contest …….
Parting was once more such sweet sorrow for Darrell and Hugh …. but Hugh had vowed that he would get his PA Riccardo to look very carefully at his summer diary and perhaps ….. 
…….  he would find a window of opportunity to visit us chez Castle Greysquirrel …… as taking a ride on our village Banga bus, gazing in Motorworld’s window and having afternoon tea at our newest eating establishment The Bilbrook Kitchen were all on his bucket list of Wolverhampton things to do.
This was too much for Darrell ……. he had much to plan ….. and going home was perhaps not so bitter sweet knowing that in the summer there would be a star in our midst !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

More like "Good bye for now" or "until we meet again"......makes it much easier to part company after this wonderful time together.....and so much to look forward to!.....Nigel and Monkey are going to be so very excited with Hugh's visit the summer highlight!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Hugh will be Wolverhampton lounging. What will the locals make of the latest London fashions? How exciting.