Saturday, 7 June 2014

We MUST Stay Calm

You can probably tell …….
……. by the look …….
……. in our eyes …..
…… that we are perhaps a little overly excited at the prospect of the  Britain’s Got Talent final tonight …….
We are going to try most robustly to remain cool, calm and clear minded  ….. and not burst any unseemly blood vessels …..
medium_Qxi0INywm_MX91h8hAk2he-a8UU7_u139QBs0b3Ag4gDarrell is hoping to tweet our responses as the evening unfolds ….. but at the moment, for us, it is soooooo close between our top three acts of choice that we just can’t call it …… our favourites are, in no particular order - the gentleman opera singers, (one or two of whom were probably bullied),  The Magician, (who we don’t think was bullied but may have taken up magicing to stop being bullied), or the pretty lady opera singer (who was definitely bullied)  …… !!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

A lot of bull?
Or is that a lot of bullying?

Anonymous said...

Oh Boyz Oh Boyz - I have just returned from a weeks holiday (no I was definitely NOT bullied into going!!!) and the first thing I had to do was check up on the goings on at Chateaux Greysquark. A busy time everyone has been having. I'll be watching BGT finale tomorrow too - will be thinking of you! My votes are on the Candleabra Guys too! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Tough choice to narrow it down to just one favourite.....but great to have several to choose from.....should help not getting upset and wonder if the judges had eyes and ears closed!...Good luck to all as you enjoy this Castle Greysquirrel must see!....Dianne