Thursday, 19 June 2014

It’s Almost Too Much For Us To Bare!!

We are very much enjoying the World Cup ….. in particular the Brazil v Mexico game on Tuesday night when we became right honourable Mexicans in homage to one our greatest fans and serial commenter Mr D, who lives there ….. Mr D, can we say “the boys dun gud!”However, tonight is England’s night again ….. and we are afraid it will just be almost too unbearable to watch ……. we HAVE to win …. or it could well be Hasta La Vista Angleterre!!!
We have a supper of a confectionary type nature to keep our energy levels up, to face the highs and lows, the angst and the (hopefully)excitement  ….. and whatever happens ….. pleasure or pain, we are certain that we will be able to share every single emotion with our very vocal neighbour next door ….. all be it through the wall!!!!
So what can we say ……. but Come On Engerrrrrrrrrrrrrland!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope Mr. D is enjoying himself to the max!.....Be thinking of you and England and sending lots of good wishes for triumph tonight......Confectionary sounds perfect for celebrating!!....Love you, Dianne

Mr.D said...

"The boys done good" could be "Los chicos hicieron bien."
Hopefully the England boys will do gooder (sic.)
Serial commentator but not cereal eater, I am a porridge man myself.

Anonymous said...

PS LOVE the shirts!!...Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh boyz - tense times! JantheFan x

marc said...

o boys you know that Hugh has been doing and still is doing the season he took a bit of time out to see Darrel and will drop out again to spend time he wants you to know although he is busy and having fun he always catches up with your days he has left a little list of what he has/will be doing and will tell you all the social court gossip when he sees you here is his list starting with the Arts
Glyndebourne — the Proms — Royal Academy Summer Exhibition — West End theatre

Chelsea Flower Show

Royal Ascot — the Cheltenham Gold Cup — Badminton — the Grand National — the Royal Windsor Horse Show — the Epsom Derby — Glorious Goodwood

The Crown[
Trooping the Colour — the Garter Service

The Boat Race — Henley Royal Regatta — Polo — Wimbledon — Cowes Week — the Lord's Test Match

Although several of these events are not actually held in London, such as the Hurlingham Polo Cartier International at Guards Polo Club, the organisers of most events attempt to avoid date clashes, so it is generally possible to visit all of them in the same year (given sufficient leisure time, disposable income and stamina).

The traditional end of the London Season is the Glorious Twelfth of August, which marks the beginning of the shooting season.when he will with Society retire to the country to shoot birds during the autumn and hunt foxes during the winter, before coming back to London again with the spring. he says he must do it all once as its just so so big love Marc Ps No football But at ascot he showed a few of his hats big love marc And A dance card wave and a tally hoe from Hugh

Mr.D said...

Marc and Hugh - I would love to go to Glyndebourne!