Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Beach Almost To Ourselves At What Seems To Be The Crack Of Dawn!

Iris was up at 6 o’clock on the first day of our long weekend away ………IMG_1916…… and we were on the beach for 9.30am!  It’s not often we have a beach to ourselves ……. but this weekend is all about Iris, and all she wanted to do is go the “seaside” to build sandcastles.
…….. hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them, and then cover them in shells and stones.IMG_1925……. and I have to admit Nigel has become quite the expert, though he says, he strongly suspects his arms may have stretched a little owing to all the many buckets of water he has carried up the beach to fill the moats!
IMG_1926Picnics are also de rigueur, with ham sandwiches and lashing and lashings of apple and blackcurrant squash.  However, Nigel had to sacrifice his bag of crisps to Iris after her Pom Bears were carried away, unopened by a very large seagull!!  After that I kept a very careful eye on Nigel, because if a seagull can lift a bag of crisps, Nigel might also look very tempting, and that idea be too terrible for words.
Although sandcastle building afforded very little rest, Nigel did have a tiny window opportunity to muse about how romantic it would be to gallop across a deserted beach (well, except for us) on horse back ……. he says he is going to put it on his bucket list.  I did suggest perhaps a donkey ride, but he just looked at me and said that though donkeys were undeniably cute, they did not cut such a said romantic swathe on a beach as a thorough thoroughbred!  What is he like?


Dianne said...

Very romantic and heavenly to have a beach to yourself; that is a great beach and worth having bijoux living quarters......seagulls and Nigel are an unsettling picture!.....enjoy your beach time!! Love from Dianne

Mr.D said...

Mrs. D and I moved apartments last weekend and we still don't have internet, so I am playing catch up.

"Lashings of apple and blackcurrant squash" reminded me of Enid Blyton and her "Famous Five." "Lashings of ginger beer," although, apparently, this is never said in any of the books.