Tuesday, 30 May 2017

So Many Chickens …….

Although we’ve posted pictures of Hugh’s many, many chickens before, the novelty of the way Hugh lets them roam with gay abandon (except at night, naturally) never seems to wear off …….
……. they are everywhere!
IMG_2251Poor Hugh has to do an awful lot of shooooooooooing, but I really don’t think they take an awful lot of notice of him …..
……. he is too soft with them!
Hugh’s basset hounds also seems to enjoy all the peace and quiet of the country as they are a bit of a celebrity in their own right, when Hugh is out walking them (incognito of course) tourists never fail to stop him every few steps for a photos or two, but like Hugh, they take it all in their stride.
As we are not allowed pets under the leasehold of our flat naturally Nigel really embraces being surrounded by all the animals……..
…… especially any new hatchings, after the recent arrival of his swanlings.
IMG_2277It really is a wonderful oasis is peace and tranquilly for us all.
IMG_2344And was nice to see Hugh has got his countryside man “what does” to put our dovecote up from Castle Greysquirrel, we didn’t want to leave it behind, but with no garden at The Towers, well, Hugh snapped our hands off for it …….
…….. his chickens roost in some very unexpected places, and I think he is hoping that one or two might fancy roosting in it. We wish him well as nothing showed the faintest interest in roosting in it back at The Castle …… well, only candles when Darrell got all aesthetically romantic one summer evening!
IMG_2335Happy Days ……….


Mr.D said...

What a wonderful place!
Whatever you do, don't count those chickens. They may come home to roost.

Dianne said...

Truly Happy Days!...Hugh's chickens do live the good life and the girls are looking gorgeous....what a perfect spot for the dovecote; couldn't be any place better.....lucky you; peace and tranquility in this lovely place with a dear friend......Love to all, Dianne

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a perfect country getaway. From one jealous JantheFan x