Sunday, 7 May 2017

Nigel’s Swan Nest

I went and had a look at Nigel’s swans nest yesterday afternoon……….
swan 5I was very, very quiet, so as not to disturb them or cause any angst of a parental swan type nature.
swan 7The male swan was very attentive finding twigs and branches for the nest, and although I am not the emotional one of the three of us, it was very moving. I can see why Nigel is totally entranced, although I have had to tell him that I didn’t think camping over the fence in the tent he had for Christmas was a very good idea.  The male swan knows exactly how to protect the female and her eggs without his help,
swan 8I think he (Nigel) may have been watching too many vet and midwife type programmes of late, and is secretly fostering ambitions of delivering the chicks himself!!
swan nestThere are, I think, at least four eggs in the nest, I have told Nigel that he can keep his eye on developments, but to keep at a safe distance, and let nature, take it’s course. 


Mr.D said...

Best not argue with a swan, male or female.

PharmacyMichele said...

I think David Attenborough has got a new replacement-Nigel would be perfect. Can't wait to hear how many signets appear.


Anonymous said...

Nature at its best. Such a wonderful time of year. Fingers crossed all goes well for the new family. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Definitely better that Nigel not get too close or interfere in the domestic arrangements of the swan couple......only natural dear Nigel would want to help with the birth preparations. Am a big fan of Call the Midwife ( so happy Trixie has the possibility of ROMANCE) but the swans are different.....Happy swan watching, Dianne