Wednesday, 3 May 2017

There’s Always A Poster For Us To Peruse Dans Evesham.

The posters we spot in the shop windows that we pass on our long walks back and forth to nursery etc. with Little Miss Iris and Young Master Bertie always help to break up the journey for us, always giving us something to ponder, muse or inspire.
Painting Competition EveshamYesterday Darrell spotted a poster for a painting competition ……
painting competition…… he was tempted, but after careful consideration he announced that artistically he didn’t yet feel sufficiently knowledgeable or bonded with the Bengeworth area to “create a work of art of note”. He could take his inspiration from Moo Moo’s, as it had the historic significance of being the first café we ventured in for a sausage sandwich before we had even moved to Evesham …….
moo-moos-evesham_thumb3……. but he didn’t think a painting of  said sandwich, no matter how well executed in acrylic and emulsion, was what the judges would be looking for.  However, he did say that his not entering wouldn’t stop us actually going to The Fayre, especially as he knew how much Nigel had missed the village Easter Fayre and Carnival back in The Homeland this year.
Emily's Jams and PicklesHe also spotted a poster for Emily’s Jams and Pickles and thought he might like find out where he could obtain a few choice jars as Hugh has invited Darrell down to London to share the Eurovision Song Contest together. Hugh is exceedingly partial to both a pickle and a chutney accompanied by a gourmet cheese and tube of Pringles for his supper, so “Emily” might be able to provide a most excellent gift for Darrell to say “Thank You” with.
JOb Vacancy_thumb[4]Mr Chills
Oh …… and for those readers who have wondered what happened after Darrell saw the poster in Mr Chills Sweet Emporium looking for a Sunday Person …… well, we all applied, with what we thought were really good resumes, but sadly none of us were called for interview. Perhaps our suggestion that we could all job share and then for staff training  it would be very beneficial, if not vital, that we sample each and every single sweet in the shop to familiarise ourselves with the products we would be selling, had them worrying about their profits ……. and our motives!


Mr.D said...

You are certainly good at spotting the posters. The jams look great too. What a shame about the sweet shop job. Darrell's diet would have have gone out of the (shop) window.

Dianne said...

Sorry to hear about the Sweets Emporium.......Submitting a painting for competition can be intimidating but who wouldn't want to enjoy a fayre?....Emily's pickles may be the perfect gift for Hugh and just right to compliment Pringles.....Hope Hugh has found time to rest with the constant bids for his time and talent.... Fayres, London visits, busy busy days ahead for those in Riverside Towers!...Love to all, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh I say - I'm liking Emily's jams - the blackcurrant curd just made my mouth water.........never seen a blackcurrant curd before........partial to a generous spread of Jam on hot buttered toast I have to admit........JantheFan x