Saturday, 13 May 2017

Nous sommes arrivés sur la Cliffs De Devon.

Nigel and I, along with Iris and Lucy (Lu Lu) have arrived safely at Devon Cliffs for our first £9.50 Sun Holiday of the year, and look at the blue sky that was there to greet us ………
IMG_2004It may however be our last said £9.50 holiday, because Lu Lu (who is an accountant of the very highest calibre) says that after you have stumped up for all the extras, your £9.50 suddenly becomes more like a £100 holiday.
IMG_2000She says, perhaps next time she will investigate a website where you can book directly with a caravan owner and thus cutting out the middle man, the said The Sun!
IMG_2002I would describe our caravan is bijoux in its fullest sense, The Towers is bijoux …….. but 19 The Elms could be described as being on the bijouxesque side.  I expect Nigel will give you the guided tour at sometime.IMG_1965Bedtime will be very interesting, as will be first thing in the morning.  Iris has her own room, as does Lucy, but Nigel and I are sharing the convertible sofa in the lounge ……. let’s just say the dining table and the accompanying bonkettes banquettes have to be dismantled and stacked up against the cooker to make enough space so that our concertina bed can be released from the very bowels of caravan. Not that I am grumbling, Nigel’s constant effervescent and buoyant spirit never fails to lift my own spirits, as he said “When a man is tired of a Sun £9.50 caravan holiday, he is tired of life!”  …… I think that just about sums it up, onwards and upwards.


Mr.D said...

What glorious weather.

Nigel knows his Samuel Johnson, to enable him to misquote him.

Di said...

Cracking up here, snort! Oh boys, time to ditch the Sun holidays methinks. But, for now it's an adventure to be embraced (and maybe strangled at the same time if possible!).

Hugs from Hampshire

Di, Hank and Marvin (safe and comfy in our own beds - but you don't really want to hear that do you right now?). Double snort!


Anonymous said...

What joys, sounds like a fun weekend - albeit a rather expensive one - although if you do like your luxury I'm afraid £9.50 will leave you wanting. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Should it all become tooo bijoux, will you be outside much of the tome?....But Nigel's enthusiasm will ensure this holiday is fun, fun!....with Lucy in charge of booking your next holiday, all desires will be met!......Love, Dianne