Monday, 22 May 2017

A Belated Eurovision 2017

As you read this, Eurovision is well and truly over, but on the evening, in Notting Hill,  Darrell and Hugh had a wonderful, wonderful night ……..
IMG_2126……. starting with a magnificent tea, prepared by Hugh himself, with his own bare hands, as he had given his “man that does” the evening off to enjoy Eurovision himself.
IMG_2138Hugh was of the same opinion as us re: The Three Amigos, who were our comperes for the night, for being a little too cheesy in manner and Thunderbird puppet stiff of movement.  He was also as relieved as we were to find that national costume and “meaningful” contemporary dance to weird folk instrumentals did not rear their head too much in the interval as we had feared …… but he said that if he had been consulted, he may have been able to swing it for his great friends La Gaga or Madge to cut through all the fannying about and “do” said interval in it’s entirety, as Mr Timberlake had done in Stockholm.
IMG_2125Darrell’s and Hugh’s favourite song was Belgium, although Darrell had said that Portugal, because it was so different from the others, could come in on the outside, as indeed it did.  The favourite Italy just did nothing for them.
IMG_2134They were more on the ball however when they predicted that Spain would be a null pointer.
IMG_2128During the voting Hugh produced a rather humungous selection of gourmet cheeses, after which Darrell said he had an attack of the dreaded Christmas cheese sweats! But, it has to be said, Hugh does puts on a serious candle lit feast!
IMG_2129So that is it for yet another year …… Portugal, the victors, beckons ……. and who knows, it won’t be for the lack of trying, perhaps one or two of us may find ourselves there ……


PharmacyMichele said...

You'll al be glad to return to normal life after all this gadding about & such excitement these last few days.


Mr.D said...

Hugh and Marc have done a great job. The cheese platter has my mouth watering!
No more inky pinky for another year. I'm sure you had a wonderful trip all round.

Dianne said...

Hugh is always the hostess with the mostess! can be certain it will be delicious and an especially lovely setting......good times with the best of friends means more wonderful memories.....Love, Dianne