Friday, 5 May 2017

Our Votes Are Cast …….

Well, yesterday we all voted for the very first time as fully established and recognised official citizens of Evesham in the council elections, I think we all felt a little overwhelmed by the significance of it all, and our journey to get there ……….!!!!
local electionsOur polling station was at the Methodist Church next to the river, which has a completely tiled downstairs for if/when it floods. It also does a “Shoppers Tea and Biscuits ….. All Welcome”  on a Tuesday, an Evesham delight we are yet to partake in, mainly because we generally shop on a Friday!
78044745Anyway, we had to vote in front of the altar, so the eyes of the almighty were very definitely upon us, as our witness, so it was important that we all gave a good account of ourselves …….
Local Elections 1I think poor Nigel felt it the most, not knowing whether to genuflect or simply bow his head, make his confession before he voted or simply go the whole hog and lie prostate and take Holy Orders …… the only thing he was certain of was that he wasn’t going to get enrolled as an altar boy, as he doesn’t suit broderie anglaise!?!? And … next time, could he vote in a school as he felt it would be less intimidating!
Anyway, no one can criticise us for the formation of our own personal crosses (on our ballot papers) they were perfectly executed, with no way that they could be deemed as spoilt.


Mr.D said...

You have acquitted your civic duty very well indeed.

Dianne said...

Whew!....your responsibility has been duly executed; time to relax knowing you did your duty.....poor Nigel in a quandary with all those proper procedure questions.... Congratulations to everyone.....Love, Dianne