Saturday, 27 May 2017

Happy Birthday Hugh

Nigel was a little reluctant to leave his beloved swans behind, but we had promised to spend  the weekend with Hugh at his country bolt hole in Worcester for his birthday.
IMG_2279Hugh was in high spirits when we arrived, having already blown up a few balloons with, he announced proudly, his own lips and not zee balloon pump!
IMG_2281We excitedly gave him our presents. We had purposely chosen to give him very simple things, having decided many years ago that there’s just no point in us trying to compete with the gifts his showbiz friends usually shower upon him, and neither would he expect us too, “You can get so many brilliant things in Poundland and the 99p Shop that Mariah and Elt would never think of getting me. There are only so many baskets of kittens and liquorice allsorts dipped in aspic that one can coo over” he has said before now.
IMG_2283So, our “humble” gifts of M & S Percy and Penny Pigs really went down very well, as Hugh is very partial to a soft fruit flavoured gum, especially if they are also pig and heart shaped.
IMG_2285We also gave him a set of skull shaped shot glasses, something Darrell had noted that he had said he quite fancied for his cocktail cabinet  …….. “We shall knock back the Umbongo in style tonight” he announced.  It was an emotional unwrapping of gifts, but with Hugh that’s not really anything new!
IMG_2248Happy Birthday Hugh ……….
IMG_2249……. you really can rock an oversized birthday badge!


Anonymous said...

Birthdays are just the best days, especially when Percy and Penny put in an appearance. Happy birthday to Hugh. Janthefan x

Dianne said...

Wonderful gifts and obviously a good time was had by all!......Hugh looks well and so very relaxed in this country setting... going to be the best of birthday times!....Happy Birthday to Hugh, Dianne

Mr.D said...

Hppy birthday Hugh!
A giant of a badge for a giant of a monkey. (Not literally.)