Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A Tour Round Our Bijouxesque Holiday Homestead.

The best thing about our bijouxesque caravan is that we have a sea view from the lounge area ……. the picture doesn’t do it justice, but we can see boats and waves and is, for us, soooooooo unbelievably romantic. We love our view at The Towers, but the only thing we would ever swop it for would be one of the sea.
IMG_1987Naturally, of an artistic nature, the first thing that caught our eye, (after the bijouxesqueness of the caravan)  was the ubiquitous objet d’art hanging over the gas fire, a reminder, perhaps, that our Greek Odyssey of Corfu is fast approaching! 
IMG_1965The kitchen is ample for the making of simple holiday fare ………
I even managed to create a risen scrambled egg a la microwave, something I have never done before (and will probably never again)  but it caused much admiring ooooooo’s and ahhhhhhh’s at breakfast ……
IMG_1983 The toaster blew all the electrics on our first night, a very nice gentleman came to put it back on and we had a brand new toaster delivered to the caravan, by hand, a while later, but after that I am afraid I preferred to use the grill for our breakfast toast.
The shower room is undeniably small, you can ….. erm  do your ….. sitting ablutions with your knees on the door, perfect for avoiding any unwanted intrusions and the need to whistle.
It has to be said that going away with ladies is a very different affair to our usual All Boyz Tour …….
IMG_1971Though Nigel did happen to greatly admire Lucy’s toiletry bag, going as far as asking her where she had got it from, as he thought it would be a perfect present for Darrell, he also being an admirer of Miss Piggy, even if she is just a puppet.
IMG_1969I also have to admit that listening to Disney’s Greatest Love Songs doesn’t really do it for me ……. but there again, it’s another idea for Darrell, who is very partial to belting out the odd chorus of A Whole New World  and One Day My Prince Will Come ….. funny boy!
IMG_1990It is compact, but it is “home” for a few days, Iris loves it and that’s all that really matters …….. and it gives Nigel the perfect excuse of not offering to help me with the chores too much, as he says, he doesn’t want to get under my feet!!!!  What is he like?


Hobbes said...

It may be bijoux, but it looks very comfortable...... and how great to have a view of the sea; a sea view is my idea of heaven!.....Iris will be certain to remember her first Sun holiday and your wonderful bijoux accommodations!.....enjoy these happy days...Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

What - I say - WHAT DO YOU MEAN, Miss Piggy is a puppet???? When did this happen - as Victor Meldrew would say - 'I don't berlieve it !!!' My world is shattered. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

The sea view looks fantastic. The risen scrambled egg a la microwave sounds interesting too. Convenient "excuse" from Nigel!