Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A Most Romantic Whiff

Nigel has discovered and become entranced by the lilac that is currently blooming in the hedgerow along our walk up to Iris and Berties.
lilac 1He says …… he is totally intoxicated by the wondrous aroma, it is, he proclaimed “…. the most romantic smell he has ever smelt ……….
Lilac 3 ……. just like he imagined the luvvvvvvvvvverly Duchess of Cambridge would smell on a Royal visit…….. what is he like?
lilac qHe has hinted that he would really like to pick a little bit to “aromarate” his bedroom, (….. and disguise the whiff of his socks me thinks) ………
lilac……. But I am a bit superstitious, I know that really old wives tales are a load of bunkum, but I ever since I was little I have always been told that bringing lilac in to the house can bring bad luck ……. I don’t want to burst Nigel’s bubble, so perhaps I think I need to griddle my lions, and risk it all …….for the sake of romance!!!!


Mr.D said...

Which is worse?

1) Griddle your lions
2) Griddle your loins
3) Girdle your lions?

I think the latter would be the most dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hadn't heard about the old wives tale concerning the lilac flower before ....and I wouldn't like to be griddling any lions either..........the world is a topsy turvy place. JantheFan x

PharmacyMichele said...

I wasn't aware of that Old Wives Tale. I think that you've been using the barbecue too much and are still thinking of griddles or maybe it's the thoughts of your holiday??


Dianne said...

Once you fall in love with lilacs, it is a lifetime romance!......I'm with Nigel, lilacs inspire romantic images of all sorts.....good luck with bringing them inside; never heard that lilac warning.......their beauty and deep breaths inhaling their scent does seem to make everything just right!....deep breaths, Nigel......Love you, Dianne

marc said...

it smells so lovely but it must be left out doors as its very bad luck it will bring about a death white especially unlucky ,well thats what they say its up to you to take the risk big love marc none of my family including the teenagers and little ones will bring it in the house