Thursday, 25 May 2017

Time For Darrell To Return Home …..

Darrell’s stay in London with Hugh, his showbiz friend, bon viveur and style guru to the stars has been short and but very sweet, Eurovision, a spot of mooching and then homeward bound.
IMG_2170Darrell will miss the luxury of sleeping in Hugh’s darkly romantic silk sheets, even if he finds them a bit slidey, however it will not be a long parting this time as we are all bound for Hugh’s Worcester Cottage to celebrate Hugh’s birthday almost as soon as Darrell gets back.
IMG_2173Darrell couldn’t but help notice the contrast between the en-trend décor of Hugh’s large Notting Hill Pied a Terre, where Hugh entertains in flambouyant abandon and the comfortable shabby cottage chic of his beloved Worcester bolt hole, where he can be himself without the need of staff, feather boas  ……..
IMG_2163 …… and walls covered in his visible patronage of up and coming artistes.
IMG_2177However, “below stairs” it’s easy to see where Hugh’s true friends and roots are firmly planted ……
IMG_2175…… and that you can never take the love for a knitted cosy away out of The Star!


Anonymous said...

You lead such busy and fulfilling lives Boyz - you experience the upstairs and downstairs of life and always see the funny side of it all. Thank you for taking me along with you for the ride. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Hugh and Marc always do an excellent job when Darrell and mum visit.
Great knitted cosies. Hats for Nigel?

Dianne said...

Hugh has done it all!......will he ever give up the high life and retire to the country life in Worcester while happily recalling his Notting Hill feather boa memories?.....silky satiny sheets may require a little practice for us who are only used to cotton (but with high thread count)!.......Love to all, Dianne