Sunday, 21 May 2017

Darrell Returns To London

While Nigel and I were in Devon, Darrell travelled down to London for the first time in over a year, as he/we now tend to visit Hugh in his Worcester Cottage Bolt Hole, where he is a very different Hugh to the one we see in Notting Hill when he is living the showbiz life. 
IMG_2205However, Hugh had several interviews and magazine shoots in London during the week,  and so had invited Darrell down to London where they could share Eurovision together yet again.
IMG_2203Darrell said it was a very different journey after travelling from the Wolverhampton to London so many times. This was a lot posher, calling at stations through the Cotswolds and then Oxford, where some very posh people with bound documents got on, talking about important sounding people and funding, in hushed (but intellectual voices) so Darrell had much to eavesdrop …… they also, he noted nodded in agreement as posh people do!  What is he like?
IMG_2201It was good to be back he sighed ……. and Eurovision was but a few hours away ………..


Mr.D said...

A lovely journey through the Cotswolds and Oxford, and then "Inky pinky parlez vous." What's not to like?

Dianne said...

Not only will London be fun but the trip there sounds like an additional good time ......Cotswolds, Oxford, it can't get more interesting (in a posh sort of way) napping on the trip or he might miss something fascinating....Darrell and Hugh will be having the best time ever with Hugh in charge! Love to all, Dianne