Thursday, 18 May 2017

A Tiny Bit of Beach Respite for Nigel

This morning we decided that we would get up bright and early to be the first in the queue for when the doors of campsite swimming pool opened.  Lucy said that as we had paid for our “entertainment passes” we really ought to use them …….and it also gave Nigel a brief break of all things of a sandcastle and mermaid nature.
The pool did not disappoint, with its wonderful array of slides, flumes spewing fountains and cascading waterfalls …… which we all embraced.
But Nigel just couldn’t help looking to see if there was anything in the shop that he could use to enhance Iris’s mermaid experience later on, on our last afternoon on the beach, bless him.
IMG_1945After a light lunch, we were all back down on the campsites private beach, it was a trifle chilly, even though the sun made a valiant attempt to appear between clouds now and again, but  Nigel and I were very much strangers to our beach bathing attire. We did, however, roll up our trousers so that Iris, who doesn’t seem to feel the bite of the water as sharply as we did, could paddle and fetch water.IMG_1957 We’ve had a brilliant time, and Uncle Nigel has truly proved that he really is the king of the castle, as far as Iris is concerned.


PharmacyMichele said...

Well-Nigel certainly looks relaxed & chilled although that could be fine the the cooler temperatures. Your beach holiday has certainly done the trick.


Hobbes said...

So many things to enjoy while on holiday.....Nigel has discovered a whole new talent and I suspect Iris will be wanting more mermaid days on future beach visits!....wonder if he will be collecting assorted decorations for his mermaid creations......Happy Holiday..Love, Dianne

PS there is an explanation for the Hobbes name instead of Dianne, but won't bore you with the details

Anonymous said...

Such happy days, with memories to treasure of times with baby Iris. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

And no dirty rascals in sight.

What a wonderful trip.