Friday, 26 May 2017

Nigel’s Emotions Are Wrung Through The Mill …….

Nigel went to visit his beloved swans nest yesterday afternoon and got a the most horrendous shock …….
IMG_2380……. in the nest were three very abandoned looking eggs ……
IMG_2376……….. and there was no sign of the swans or the babies he had fallen in love with earlier in the week.
Poor Nigel was distraught …..  he sadly left the nest and walked slowly along the river, his eyes scanning for any sight of the swans and his ears straining for the faintest “peep peep”. With a heart as heavy as lead, Nigel couldn’t help but fear the worst, left alone with thoughts that nature can be a very cruel mistress!
IMG_2387But then, as he turned the corner and approached the slipway his eyes were greeted by the most wondrous sight …….
IMG_2384The swans had taken their 5 baby swanlings to the secluded shallows of said slipway to get used to the water.
IMG_2386Nigel had to admit that he then got a little emotional and needed to pull himself ntogether, before approaching.
The proud parents were very attentive ……..
IMG_2391…… and in turn four of the five swanlings seemed be taking to the water, well, ….. like swans …………….
IMG_2392……. all but one, who seemed to prefer to stay on land close to his mum (or dad)
IMG_2393He was the one, Nigel decided who was going to be his favourite as he looked a bit sad ……..
IMG_2396…… and he, was going to be called Eric.


PharmacyMichele said...

Brilliant news & lovely to see the swans and their babies. I think Nigel needs to think if names for the remaining 4 though. I can see why he was drawn to single out Eric -so cute.


Di said...

That had me all worried at first! Here's hoping that little Eric grows into a big strong chap in no time. Could always be Erica if he turns out to be a she 😉


Di xx

Mr.D said...

Great news, after a concerning start to the story.
I'm sure JtF can keep Nigel right, if he gets any concerns.

Dianne said...

Truly a Happy Day after such a frightening start!...Eric, or Erica, won't know it, but many will be watching his, or her, progress.......happy swan watching, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh Boyz - what beautiful, little cygnets and very proud and doting parents. Such wonderful photos too. Eric is a wonderful name and one very close to my heart as I had a brother who was called Eric - a lovely brother he was too. JantheFan x