Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Darrell Ventures Into Portobello Road Market

While Hugh was out giving several radio interviews on Theresa May’s election wardrobe Darrell decided to have a mooch around Portobello Market, about a five minute walk from Hugh’s flat.
port 1He said that though he had plenty of money in his pocket, it was safe! There was nothing to tempt him, although he tried and looked very hard, in fact, he said, that the charity shops of Evesham offered far more temptation in prising him from his well earned cash type nature!
port 5It was also VERY VERY busy, Darrell had almost forgotten just how busy and crowded it could be, with pictures being taken of every single thing from every conceivable angle, so without him trying too hard, he reckons that quite a few foreign tourists will be going home to find him beaming in the background of their pictures !!!  What is he like?
port 2port 3
……. And one of London’s greatest mysteries still puzzles with Darrell, how come one of the busiest streets in London has the worst Poundland he has ever been in, and believe me, Darrell has been in a great many. It’s untidy and to be honest pretty grotty, as well as being only half stocked with **** rubbish.  If Poundland have flagship shops this ought to be one of them, but instead it just gives pound shops a bad name, it should take a leaf, for example from Telford or Tamworth, then tourists would be queuing to get in!
port 6
The stalls and shops of Portobello haven't changed a lot in the years Darrell has been visiting, the only new phenomena he noticed was the proclivity of stalls selling vintage headscarves for £1, he delved and was almost tempted by one or two, but he reasoned that though a scarf tied at a jaunty angle round Hugh’s neck looks sooooooo right on Hugh in Notting Hill, it  would equally look sooooooooo out of place in Evesham!
port 8 …….. but, perhaps in twenty years or so time, who knows?


Mr.D said...

Maybe Darrell should do a review of all the Poundlands,Poundstretchers, Poundenlargers, Poundeaters etc. that he knows.

Dianne said...

Hooray for Darrell! He has honed his talent and discriminating taste avoiding questionable purchases and buyer's remorse...could he have a career as a personal shopper for multiple busy celebrities? ......Poundland obviously needs someone to clue them in about marketing strategies!....Love, Dianne