Monday, 29 May 2017

Hugh Joins In The Scrum

Hugh said that the only thing he wanted to do, apart from having us spend his birthday weekend with him, was to pop over to the next village to have a mooch at their annual BIG Plant Sale.  
IMG_2305We’ve been with Hugh before on a previous birthday visit, so we knew that we needed to girdle our lions most robustly, as it was going to be an almighty scrum …….
IMG_2289…….. country folk, it seems, take their plant sales very seriously, a bit like the our beloved village jumble sales of old, before Car Boots took over!
Hugh knew exactly what he wanted as he’d been making copious notes all last week while watching the BBC coverage of The Chelsea Flower Show.
IMG_2294The plan was for Hugh to jostle for prime position, elbowing if necessary, but strictly no stamping on toes, all something of a delicious and heady novelty compared to the genteel ways of the Notting Hill glitterati.
IMG_2301We were stand behind him to take the burgeoning boxes of plants from him in quick succession and Nigel then was to take them to a corner by the stage and stand guard over them, as it has been known for other sale goers to rifle through the boxes of others in the past!
We were a crack team! Hugh decided that he didn’t really need any antique gardening tools, even if they were only priced at £1 each,  but he did avail himself of a free copy of the Country Gardener as it would look quite impressive on his coffee table back in London.  What is he like?
And while Hugh, Nigel and I partook in a more relaxed après plant scrum tea and homemade coffee cake, Darrell volunteered to stand guard outside, again to keep an eye on Hugh’s prized plants, as he had indeed bagged some most excellent specimens, and anyway Darrell was also very interested in what sort of cars country people drove ……


Di said...

Oh I needed this boys! Having spent hours today wrestling with Sainsburys trying to order online - I now find my email provider has keeled over!

Then I sighed and trotted over to blogger - only to think you were taking up places on the village rugby team! What a hoot boys! Got that particular scrum wrong but it brought back so many memories of helping out at terribly posh village jumble sales in a previous rather genteel life. And screaming in fear at my very first time behind the tables when the doors were opened and the braying masses of gentility descended like a swarm of locusts. One lady helper took her jacket off in the heat and it was apparently sold for 20 pence!


Di xx

PharmacyMichele said...

Sounds like fun but I think Nigel had the most dangerous role-guarding all the plants!


Dianne said...

Whew!...this was quite a well planned operation and beautifully carried out...exciting day and appears the country dwellers have fantastic taste in cars.....saw some really spectacular bear and lion topiary pictures from the Chelsea Show....each day with Hugh promises great fun!.....Love, Dianne

Mr.D said...

Hugh needs a rugby shirt, scrum cap and maybe a jockstrap before venturing into the scrum!