Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The First Eurovision Semi Final of 2017

We just can’t believe yet another year has flown by, and yet, unbelievably last night we settled down on our sofa at The Towers to once more embrace Eurovision.
IMG_2050As you know, last year Darrell and Nigel were actually there, in real life, in for night um, in Stockholm, but this year we find ourselves, for the very first time, in Evesham watching and voting in the semi finals. Let’s just say the air was rank filled with the sweet aroma of a year of pent up anticipation.  
…… it also provided me with the atmosphere in which to test out the “romantic” picture feature on my new camera!
IMG_2062We weren't too sure about the “Three Amigo” hosts ….. not wishing to blow our own trumpets, but I think Darrell, Nigel and I could have done as good job, but we would have insisted on cascades of fireworks whenever we appeared as our “rider”.  Nigel wondered if our names would look as complicated to the Ukrainians as theirs did to us!
IMG_2066Darrell sorted out some most excellent Eurovision nibbles for when the votes were counted, verified adjudicated and confirmed and the boring acts were on ………  The votes from the Evesham Panel went to Belgium and Portugal ………. who both got through to the finals on Saturday.  We’ve now got to do it all again on Thursday, with Nigel in charge of refreshments this time …….. happy days!


Mr.D said...

Looks like a great evening, along with tasty nibbles.

"Romantic" picture mode? What is that all about?

Dianne said...

Reassuring to know the Eurovision watching will continue in Evesham!.....Do wish you the best of luck your official favourites will be winners.....snacks looking perfect for this auspicious occasion!....enjoy every spectacular moment...Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

I will be dipping in and out of the contest at the weekend - and dipping in and out of nibbles too! JantheFan x