Monday, 1 November 2010

Our Trick or Treat Walk – Embracing The Theme!

We had the most BRILLIANT time!!!!! 
Picture 102 embracing the theme
As you can see, we all embraced the theme, especially Auntie Jan, who to be honest, was the most terrifying thing we had ever seen!
Picture 074
Darrell wouldn’t go any where near her, even though he knew who she was, and I have to admit, I struggled a little bit  when she held me, she got into her role very, erm…. enthusiastically!
Trick or TreAT WALK
There were witches as far as the eye could see, and it was really funny to see them all taking pictures of each other.wITCHES tAKING pHOTOS OF EACH OTHER
There was so much to see and take in, Auntie Jan said “Drink it in Monkey, this is a once in a night time occasion!” as she squeezed me (hard) with her skeleton hand.
Poor Darrell had to visit the loo several times before the start, which wasn’t easy in his all in one skeleton suit!
Witches APlenty
The organisers had gone to a lot of trouble carving lots and lots of pumpkins that filled the wooded area and it looked quite magical.
Unexpected guest
At the half way stage there was a Horror Zone, where Darrell definitely had an accident!  And it was only when we downloaded this picture that we discovered that we were not alone …… we’re not sure what it was, some sort of cat rat lizard creature …… and what it is eating we’d rather not think about!
Copy of Unexpected guest
We had to walk through areas filled with carnage and horror, poor Darrell ……. but Auntie Jan was our hero and gave all the ghosts and ghoullies a terrifying run for their money, in fact Freddie Kruger was heard to say, “She’s worse than all of us put together!”
Carnage and Slaughter
We finished at about half past the witching hour with no blisters.
4 mile mark
We were each given a Trick or Treat Bag at the start, which we didn’t look in while we were walking as the excitement and adrenalin were coursing through our veins and  we had taken lots of our own provisions, so when we got home our BRILLIANT night yielded even more surprises.
trick or treat 1
We were given water, chocolate, biscuits and an orange with it's leaves still on!
 Halloween Orange
“What an evening” sighed Darrell, “Ghosts,  witches, mayhem and terror, all in the name of charity, rounded off with an orange!  I suppose even the undead need their 5 a day!”
Trick or Treat Feedback Form
We have our feedback form to fill in, we’re putting 5 for everything and will definitely do it all again next year, we can’t wait!
Picture 124
Oh …… and they let us take a pumpkin home!


Mr.D said...

You have a photo of Auntie Jan before she put on her mask but not after. Scary stuff.

Candycane said...

Fantastic costumes guys - glad you had a spooktastic night!

Sal xXx