Thursday, 18 November 2010

Portsmouth Ho! Darrell’s Second Sun £9.50 Holiday In As Many Months – Part 1

Caravan Holiday
I think Monkey has got used to the idea of me going away without him now. He was a lot less emotional and let me pack my own suitcase and travel amusements, (I took my drawing pad and felt pens and drew new ideas for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts). He did check to see  if I was wearing my vest and had some 2p’s for the amusements,  but that was about all.
Portsmouth 2
Our caravan is brilliant, it has got a pretend log fire…….
Portsmouth 3
…….. a nice set of saucepans……..
Picture 083
……. sufficient egg cups ……..
Portsmouth 4
…….. matching tableware …….
Simon Cowell
……. and a fire extinguisher ……. once more, Monkey has excelled in his choice of accommodation.
Portsmouth 1
There is Bingo and Karaoke in the club house each night …… BRILLIANT!


Mr.D said...

I have heard of Plymouth Hoe. Is Portsmouth Ho a person of ill repute? Yet another holiday! I can't keep track of them all.

Monkey said...

We are waiting to see if the Sun do a £9.50 holiday to Mexico Mr D and then we can come and visit you, wouldn't that be BRILLIANT?

Angie said...

I really could do with a holiday ...maybe in the spring.
This is just to say that I have just ordered my generous prize I recieved from you and cant wait till it comes. I will let you know what I got.
Love your Mums new profile pic ....very glam.