Saturday, 13 November 2010

New Flash ...... Kindness Day – 13th November 2010

It’s Kindness Day, how BRILLIANT is that?
 National Kindness Day 13th November
"Pause for Kindness – 13.00 on 13th November 2010 -
Kindness Day UK will be asking people to spend 30 seconds to reflect on kindness
You can think about:
Kind people that you know
Kind acts that have had an impact on you
A kind act you can carry out for someone
How you can be kind to animals and the    environment
What kindness means to you"
Naturally we want to “Embrace and Seize the Day”, so  we are planning something very special, but, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what we are going to do later on today! Just a clue ……… there won’t be a dry eye in the house and it’ll be very, very smelly!!

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Mr.D said...

Carpe diem. Coincidentally (not)today is Día de amabilidad here, which loses nothing in translation.