Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Doughnuts in Manchester – Stepping Up to the Mark to Eat Them – Part 4 Krispy Kremes – Luck Be My Lady Tonight.

Krispy Kreme Scratchcard
The lady gave us a scratch card  when Auntie Jan paid for the doughnuts ….. “Here Monkey,  see if we’ve won anything” she said as she gave me a 2p coin to scratch it with. To be honest I was not hopeful ….. I am not very lucky in the scratch card department of good fortune.
Krispy Kreme Scrathcard 2 Krispy Kreme 4
But you’ll never guess, we won a chocolate iced ring doughnut ………. I felt so blessed ….. in a Hello magazine type way.
What a very special evening. The only thing that could have made it even specialer was if a member of the Coronation Street cast had come in for a Kripsy Kreme while we were there, but not Gail Plait with her flitter fluttery eye lashes, I can’t a bare her!
Krispy Kreme 9
I found Darrell a balloon and a couple of hats as souvenirs ….. and couldn’t wait to see his face as he tried his first Krispy Kreme doughnut when I got home.


Mr.D said...

Four parts only on Krispy Kremes - impressive. Well done with the scratch card.

Monkey said...

Some things are best very "fed" slowly Mr D ..... Part 5 is to follow