Tuesday, 16 November 2010

We LOVE I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ……

I'm a Celebrity - New Ant and Dec
We love I’m Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ….. to be honest it will even eclipse X Factor for us in the coming three weeks. It’s a funny thing, but we are often mistaken for Ant and Dec when we are out shopping together in Wolverhampton or at the match at The Molineux
In fact, Mr. D our serial commenter in Mexico also bears a striking resemblance to Dec.
I'm A celebrity I'm A celebrity Ant and Dec
Our favourite part is always the Bush Tucker Trials, we don’t want to watch, but can’t help it!  Obviously, we don’t have any desire to eat any strange bits of  kangaroo or koala or insects of a crunchy nature, but, to experience a little bit of what the celebs are going through, we have bought a bag of liquid filled jelly creatures to show our solidarity.Liquid Filled Creatures
However, we don’t think there will be much nom, noming amongst the celebs ………..!

So far we can’t stand that Gillian woman ….. we saw her pulling her vest down when she was supposed to be in a fainted condition, hmmmmmmm, we thinks the lady squeals too much! BUT …… we LOVE/ADORE Stacey, she is so smiley and happy, even when she is covered in whiffy gunk and eating “things”  In fact, Darrell is so smitten with her Cheryl Cole is well and truly dumped!


Ali said...

Did you see Linford having a Nom Nom moment eating his marshmallow - lol xx

Mr.D said...

I have never seen "I’m Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here." Does that make my life incomplete? I think Dec has a tad more hair than me and I think he is a Newcastle fan - not to be recommended.