Sunday, 14 November 2010

Our Deed For Kindness Day – 13th November 2010

We have been very aware that there has been a sack of pickling onions, plus a pile of empty Gold Blend coffee jars in the garage for some time now …… but have also sensed a certain reluctance to do anything with them.
Kindness Day 13th November
So, as it was Kindness Day yesterday, we decided to take the bull by the horns or “the onions by the sack” and “do” them …… perhaps not entirely a selfless act, because our very favourite meal over the festive season is the day after Boxing Day, when we have cold turkey, chips, peas, bread and butter and pickled onions for tea ……. A Festive Nom Fest!
13th Nov Kindness day
We realised that if we didn’t step up to the mark, our traditional Yuletide repas would be in danger, especially if the substitution of a supermarket pickled onion was introduced, because quite frankly they are pants!Pickling Onions 13th November Kindness Day
….. Six hours it took us …………….. six hours of blood, sweat, pong and tears!
Picled Onions Kindness day
Yes, at times we wanted to give up …… but the thought of that wonderful tea kept us peeling, hour upon hour upon hour.
November 13 Kindness Day
But we shall reap what we have sown today, six jars of onions in malt vinegar and dark brown sugar.
Kindness Day 13th November Pickled Onions
It’s a good job that this blog isn’t in smelly vision as we smell really, really bad!
Movember observation from Darrell “ Ooooooooo my moustache is soaking up my tears like a hairy sponge”


Mr.D said...

Mmmmm. Pickled onions - yes, pickled eggs - NO!

Darrell said...

Do you have pickled onions in mexico Mr D?

Anonymous said...

Oh Monkey, oh monkey! Thank you for all your hard work. I hope your paws aren't too sore. I'm sooooo excited about Christmas. Please save me some pickled onions, they are the highlight of Boxing Day.

Mr.D said...

Not a pickled onion to be had. Not a pickling onion to be had either.