Monday, 22 November 2010

Portsmouth Ho - Darrell's Second £9.50 Sun Holiday In As Many Months - Part 4

Braekfast Tea
I have taken it upon myself to take everyone a nice cup of coffee in bed each morning so that they can wake up slowly, ready for the rigours of a day out beside the seaside.
What a Mess
I have to admit that I’m not the tidiest or most organised person in the world.
Which is probably why I bought Bovril with us instead of Marmite ……. ooooops, not exactly Lucy’s favourite savoury breakfast spread of choice.
Peace and Pondering
While everyone is showering and getting ready to go out, I like to take myself down to the beach for a bit of a ponder. This morning I pondered about where the nearest shop that sells Marmite is in relation to our caravan.

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Mr.D said...

Have you seen many sailors while out pondering? Have you seen the Ho? I hope you didn't talk to her.