Thursday, 11 November 2010

Flesh Eating Fish Let Loose in the Shopping Centre - Silky Feet Foot Spa

I hope you are not eating ANYTHING while you are reading this, as what I am about to impart to you may spoil your appetite just a tadge.
 silky feet foot spa
You could be forgiven for thinking that I am having a lovely day out enjoying the piscatorial delights of the Birmingham Sea Life Centre.
silky feet foot spa 1
However, I'm actually out shopping ….and in the middle of a shopping centre ...... where they’ve put tanks of fish that have been specially trained to nibble all the yucky bits off your feet,  definitely not nom, nom, nom!
silky feet foot spa 2
The bumf says that Fish Therapy is a natural form of exfoliation with amazing results in Turkey! Do you know, when I was on my inadvertent holiday in Turkey I swore I was being nibbled when I went in the sea, but Lucy dismissed it as “Mere fantasy, Monkey” ….. (This coming from a young woman who won’t even paddle in the sea because of her traumatisation watching Jaws). Now I know I was right and that I was indeed being feasted upon by Garra Rufa fish ……. yeeewwwwy!
 silky feet foot spa 4
I was repulsed yet strangely fascinated and drawn into the idea at the same time.
silky feet foot spa 6
I sat a while, and almost took my shoes and socks off ….. but I could not go through with it!  I hope that if I come back in another life, I don't come back as a Garra Rufa fish, as I’d never be able to go nom, nom, nom again!
This has certainly has given me food for thought!


Mr.D said...

I went fishing for piranhas (pirañas) in the Amazon - you should see their teeth. Now these really can eat your flesh, both healthy and yucky. They don't attack like you see in the movies.

Monkey said...

Mr D, I am thinking that should I ever find myself in Mexico I should spend a little time with you, you have so many romantic adventures.

Have you ever eaten piranha?

Mum says she only ever saw you eat corned beef sandwiches when you were in England.

MoonDoggie said...

I had this done when I was in Singapore. It was a really strange feeling at first but you could really see the difference from where they 'worked their magic' compared to where they didn't reach.

Mr.D said...

They don't have corned beef in Mexico! They don't have baked beans either! Oh no!