Thursday, 25 November 2010

Portsmouth Ho – Darrell’s Second Sun Holiday In As Many Weeks Part 7 – Awe and Wonder!

Picture 121
Look at the size of those lollies!
Picture 122
And look at the size of this grabber!!!! 
As the bald bloke with glasses on Masterchef would say “The amusements have just got bigger!”


Mr.D said...

The size of those lollies and that grabber are in relation to Darrell. We still don't know how big Darrell is - if he is six foot, the lollies aren't that big but if he is six inches, they are huge. When this holiday started, I thought it was going to be for a weekend - how wrong was I.

Darrell said...

If I revealed my size the whole mystic and illustion of the blog would be gone Mr D .....

But I can reveal that the lollies and grabber were huge even by comparrison to Mum!

Mr.D said...

Not the whole mystic and illusion, surely? Just a smidge.