Sunday, 7 November 2010

Doughnuts in Manchester – Stepping Up to the Mark to Eat Them – Part One Starbucks Apple Fritter.

Apple Donut at Starbucks
I can’t believe it’s a year since I was last in Manchester to do a little bit of shopping. And, no shopping trip would be complete without popping into the Arndale Centre for a Grande Cappuccino and Apple Fritter (last year, you’ll probably remember, I had a Cappuccino and Cinnamon Twist)
Starbucks 2
As usual my cappuccino was lovely and wonderful in it’s hugeness and was a no brainer choice for me.  But I admit to hivering and hovering between a blueberry muffin, a slice of Rocky Road or an apple fritter donut. I succumbed to the apple fritter – I think it was its rather unusual appearance that swayed me.  To be honest it looked like a right dogs breakfast and didn’t even have a hole in the middle……….!
But, it tasted wonderful, though it had no discernable chunks of apple, which surprised me.  It was heavy, but not cloying, chewy and most substantial.  It filled a hole, shall we say ….. and out of 5 Noms, I would award it 3. Nom, nom, nom!!
logo_red logo_green logo_blue
I think I may have set a trend in noming …… because they have bought out Nom Yogurts and the Nom Factory has opened down the road from us in Telford
How very spooky ……. but I digress…..

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Mr.D said...

We went to Starbucks last weekend after seeing things from The Day of the Dead - sounds like a horror movie. I had a vente chocolate caliente y pay de queso which is a large hot chocolate and cheesecake. I would have awarded it 4 noms if I had had the presence of mind.

They also have McDonalds, Dominos and Subway here......but I digress.......