Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Parcel For Darrell

Parcel Delivery
While Darrell was away, a parcel arrived for him from Jan the Fan (not to be mistaken for Auntie Jan) and her monkey, Hugo Wilbert-Brown (who we must add to our page of friends)
Handmade Crafts
There was a lovely long letter with lots of news and pictures of Hugo, who has a lovely red Paddington Bear type duffle coat, that Darrell quite fancies.
Picture 698 Robbie Williams
The parcel also contained “the gift of soap”, three small monkey face shaped soaps that smelt, as Darrell succintly put it “overwhemingly of the succulence of fruit”
A gift of soap
Jan and Wilbert are concerned that Darrell has a propencity to get food all over his face while eating and hoped that the soap would help him to “cleanse” properly after a meal.
 Monkey Soap
Needless to say Darrell was very, very pleased with his “gift of soap”, and is now determined to try to be a neater and tidier eater in the future. He is also planning on putting the orange monkey faced soap in his toilet bag ready for when he goes to Portsmouth.

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Mr.D said...

Paddington bear is from Darkest Peru but where is Hugo Wilbert-Brown from?
Careful with that soap Darrell, it looks like a sweet and smells like fruit - you may absentmindedly eat it and you would be foaming at the mouth. Now that would make a good photo.