Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Prostate Cancer Charity - Movember

Movember Prostate Cancer Movember Prostate Cancer Charity 1
We’ve both pledged to give up shaving for the month of November to grow a moustache to support . Tom the scientist, who does experiments of an exciting nature, told us that everyone in his lab was going to try to grow one, even the lady scientists!  It sounds a very excellent idea …. especially as neither Darrell or I are very accomplished in the ways of Gillette, even if it is the best a man can get.

Movember Prostate Cancer Charity 4
We will donate all the money we save on not using bathroom tissue on our faces to the Prostate Cancer Charity, how BRILLIANT is that? 
 Prostate Cancer Charity Movember 1
And you get to see what we look like with a moustache a la Bruce Forsyth!


Mr.D said...

They never had this when I lived in England. Good luck - is mum going to join in too?

Mum said...

Mr D ...... Mexico has done nothing to qwell you charming sense of humour has it?

Anonymous said...

Monkey should also be aware that as a direct result of moustache growing he will miss out on kisses from the girl monkeys. Moustaches.... ergh!!!