Monday, 8 November 2010

Doughnuts in Manchester – Stepping Up to the Mark to Eat Them – Part 2 – Krispy Kremes

Picture 031
Picture 025
I am not exactly sure what an “"Epiphany Moment” is, but I think I’ve had one! Auntie Jan took me to Krispy Kreme’s  at the Trafford Centre, Manchester…… it was like dying and going to heaven, but without the dying bit!
Krispy Kreme
As we pulled up outside Auntie Jan said “I hope your ready for this Monkey ….” I took a deep breath,  it all looked so romantic and American, all the signs and all the lights …..
Krispy Kreme 12
I couldn’t believe it, there was a conveyor belt of doughnuts, millions and millions of them, and you could watch the ladies “do” them.
Krispy Kreme 3
I think I went into a sort hypnotic state …… And the smell,  Cheryl  Cole may be fragrant, but she would pale into insignificance, even for Darrell, after a whiff of Krispy Kreme!
Krispy Kreme 2
And would you believe that at the end of the viewing section there was a tray of samples to try ….
Krispy Kreme 13
Well,  it would be rude not to ……… nom, nom, nom, nom, nom and nom some more ……nom noming!


Mr.D said...

We have Krispy Kremes here too but I don't think the locals understand these words. I make that seven noms plus a noming - wow.

Georgina said...

You should have tried them in Birmingham a few years ago - they used to give everyone who walked past a free, hot, original glazed doughnut, regardless as to whether you were going to buy one or not. That was always the highlight of my shopping trips. Still - they're absolutely gorgeous.