Friday, 26 November 2010

Portsmouth Ho! Darrell’s Second Sun £.9.50 Holiday in as Many Weeks – Part 8 – Up the Spinnaker!

Picture 152
The end of my holiday is drawing nigh and with the festive season just a week away, I really should be with Monkey helping to start our Yuletide preparations, but,  no holiday to Portsmouth would be complete without a trip up the Spinnaker and so I have left the best till last.
Picture 190
It was  rather high and at first my vertigo was in danger of getting the better of me, but when Lucy said firmly “Darrell, what’s the worse that can happen?” I pulled myself together and then thought I would try this psychological tic-tac on Lucy herself next time we go anywhere near a boat, and the subject of sharks rears it's ugly head saying "Lucy, exactly how many sharks have attacked pleasure cruisers (in say Bournemouth) this year?"
Picture 182
I soon became quite bold …..and pushed myself to new limits …. (or heights!)
Picture 171
I couldn’t quite bring myself to walk across the glass floor .......
Picture 175
........ But I lay down and looked over the edge, without the slightest of collywobbles.
Picture 167
My only disappointment, and it’s only a teensy weensy one, is that there wasn’t a button badge for me to buy in the gift shop, I would have loved one to wear beside my Mudeford Quay one.
Picture 195
Fears conquered it's onwards and upwards as they say ….. perhaps the Eiffel or Blackpool Tower next?


Mr.D said...

The Spinnaker looks like that seven star hotel in Dubai. Will you learn some French before you go to Paris? I have put a halt on the Spanish and am revising my French. Maybe I could give you some tips. Adios or au revoir.

Darrell said...

My Mum said there was always something a bit bilingual about you Mr D.

Glen said...

You and Gillian both....conquered your fears!! LOL. ~Glen~