Saturday, 27 November 2010

Gillian McKeith – I’m A Faking Celebrity?

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I’ve really missed watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here with Darrell, but he has been watching it in Portsmouth and he’ll be back later tonight so we can share the last week together.  We still love Stacey with her lovely smile and she is our favourite to win …. but we think that perhaps Sean might pip her to the post. (Cheryl Cole is a far distant memory for Darrell now!)
Gillian McKeith on the other hand is not a crush either of us are likely to develop!  However the question both Darrell and I would like Ant and Dec to ask her is:-  if she professes so vehemently about not know anything about the programme and has never even seen it before ……. how come she knew enough to smuggle in such a vast array of spices, herbs and flavourings? Hmmmm we thinks the lady doth protest a little too much and is a fake!
And “if you really are what you eat” …… we suggest she comes and lives with us (no not really!, only figuratively speaking), where she would certainly benefit from our five a day regime!

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Mr.D said...

Gillian McKeith a celebrity? Not in the Mr.D household. Never heard of her.