Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Doughnuts in Manchester – Stepping Up to the Mark to Eat Them – Part 3 - Still at Krispy Kremes

Krispy Kreme 5
When Auntie Jan said “We should take a tray home to share with Lucy and Darrell, you choose.” I was rendered  speechless. The lady serving was very patient and helpful and in the end said “Shall I put one from each tray in your box for you?”.  To be honest, it was a bit of a relief, the responsibility got a little better of me.
Krispy Kreme 6
Once I had struggled to our table with the box,  I could see that the lady had made an excellent choice for me.
Krispy Kreme 10
“We’ll have one each, before we travel onwards” said Auntie Jan “ Which do you fancy”
Krispy Kreme 8 
I selected a butterscotch fudge …… oh my life, it was soooooooo wonderful, Auntie Jan had to elbow me as I was noming so loudly!  I could not help it …… I was in noming heaven!

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Mr.D said...

The exclamation "Oh my life!" sounds like someone else and not Monkey. Monkey, have you got a scriptwriter now you are famous?