Saturday, 20 November 2010

Apple Crumble for Children In Need 2010

I hope you don’t mind me interrupting transmission of Darrell’s Portsmouth Ho adventures, but yesterday was Children In Need and the lovely girls what cook, made and sold apple crumbles to help raise some money.
Children In Need 1
I am very partial to an apple crumble so I made sure my name was on the top of the list and duly paid my £2.50 .
Picture 008
I went and checked production in the cookery room and it was like a military operation, first they peeled and chopped the apples.
Picture 010
Then they prepared the crumble, my favourite bit!
Children in Need 4
And I was there as they went into the oven, the smell was divine!  I knew I was in for a most satisfying tea when I got home.
Picture 015 
Every detail had been thought of and I got my crumble in a lovely carrier bag with my name on and some coloured sticky spots.
Picture 016
The crumble was still warm as I travelled home on the Banga bus, so my lap was all toasty. “Got your tea there have you Monkey?” asked George “It smells most pleasant and appealing”  I wonder what Mrs.George had got for his tea?
Picture 024
I liked the label on the packaging, with all the instructions and stuff, but I think someone had trouble spelling my name! But I didn’t really need the bit about being frozen or put in the fridge………
Picture 025 
……. because it didn’t last that long. I did think of saving a bit for Darrell ….. but I’m sure he’s having treats of his own.
Picture 027
I didn’t put anything on my crumble, I didn’t want anything to detract from my wonderful pudding ……… non, nom, nom, nom, nom! What a BRILLIANT Children in Need feast.  I will write a letter to the girls what cook over the weekend to thank them and compliment them on their culinary talents! Nom, nom.


Mr.G said...

Wow, five "noms." Impressive. The crumble lasts until Sunday - which Sunday? Crumble should have custard on it.
I suspect they spelled Monkey as Mrs.G on the bag.

Monkey said...


No need to worry which Sunday cos it didn't last beyond 6.00pm Friday!!!

Mr.D said...

Oops. I meant to sign in as Mr.D above but, seeing as I was thinking of writing Mrs.G, I made a mistake with my own name.