Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Darrell Exposed!

I have discovered the secret to Darrell’s prolific moustache growing …….. under his bed!  I wasn’t prying, just merely doing a bit of light dusting …….
Picture 115 .
I knew there was more to Darrell’s moustaches than met the eye.
Picture 117
And when I confronted him, he was wearing a moustache that I have since discovered is called the “Rouge”, quite apt considering his shenanigans over the past four weeks!
Picture 121 a%20touch%20of%20frost
He didn’t deny it, I had got him banged to rights he said. He said he thought it would be a funny thing to do, when he saw the pack in Poundshop, especially as he knew that there was no way either of us could really grow a legitimate moustache.  Then he persuaded me to try one on for size. I think it makes me look a lot older, a bit like Inspector Frost
Picture 122
So, the mystery is over and since we haven’t managed to grow even the smallest whisker we are sending our donation to Tom the Brainy Scientist Person at 


Mr.D said...

I hope there isn't a Hitler one amongst the set - most inappropriate, unless you are a member of the royal family.

Monkey said...

Mr D!

Anonymous said...

hi there, your link to Toms donation page requires a fix... i think there is meant to be a hyphen between 'your' and 'details' in the link destination