Thursday, 4 November 2010

Confectionery Review - Screme Eggs

Screme Egg
It seems ages since we have done a confectionary review what with Darrell’s advertent holiday, we have fallen a little  behind,  so we hope you will forgive us this rather late review of Cadbury Halloween confectionary!
Confectionary review
Hmmmm, where do we start?  We thought it might get a little messy and so donned napkins of the Halloween persuasion…….
 Picture 706
And rather than bite straight into the egg, we decided to slice it in half, thus revealing the insides.  Here, I am afraid,  our review took a rather downward and unsavoury turn.
Inside a screme egg
“Hmmmmm said Darrell “Looks like sn*t”
Picture 709
“Tastes like sn*t”.  ……… A concise and to the point appraisal from Darrell then!

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Mr.D said...

How does he know what snat/snet/snit/snut/snyt tastes like?