Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hello Sailor – Darrell is Portsmouth Bound

A few days ago I said  had a surprise for Darrell and I’m not sure if his psychic powers have kicked in yet, but he kept on saying he had a “funny feeling in his water”, which, to be honest, put down to a touch of cystitis.
Anyway, I told him that I had got him another Sun £9.50 holiday but this time in Portsmouth …. where he could enjoy the delights of the Spinnaker Tower, (though he is a marytr to his vertigo) and the big ships in the harbour.
Portmouth Bound
I also said that I hoped it would make up for the fact that in February I would be going on a skiing holiday to the Czech Republic with Rooney and the PE Dept at the Girl’s School!I don’t know which gobsmacked him more, going on another advertent £9.50 Sun Holiday or the thought of me skiing!


Mr.D said...

Wow - the number of holidays is amazing. Better start learning some Czech, such as "I think I have broken my leg" and "Can I have a hot chocolate please?"

Monkey said...

Oh Mr D, ye who have little faith! I have had to supply the tour company with my head circumference, shoe size, weight and height. I understand that calculating ski size is an exact science!

Darrell said...

Sun £9.50 Holiday or Czech Republic ....... no brainer! I am so blessed.

Wonder if the Sun will do a £9.50 holiday to Mexico? Do they have any Haven caravan sites along the coast of Mexico Mr D?