Friday, 12 November 2010

Returning Home Bearing Gifts Of A Krispy Kreme Nature for Darrell.

Krispy Kreme q
You can’t fault Darrell’s natural enthusiasm for food!
Krispy Kreme e
He’ll try most things, and this “chocolate iced ring” was no exception.
Kristy Kreme w
And naturally, because of his very kind nature, he wanted to share it with me (I hadn’t got the heart to tell him I’d already shared a whole box with Auntie Jan in the car on the way back from Manchester)
Krispy Kreme f
As he raised his half to his lips, I knew it would be a “nom, nom” moment!
Krispy Kreme s
“Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!
Krispy Kreme v
“I wish we had a Krispy Kreme in Wolverhampton” he sighed “Greggs just can’t compare to this sort of wonderful deliciousness!”
 Krispy Kreme
I had bought back a feedback form for us to fill in.
 Krispy Kreme 3 Krispy Kreme 1
We suggested a marmite filled doughnut!


Mr.D said...

I think Darrell could get a job in Krispy Kremes. If the (Krispy Kreme) hat fits...... which it does - perfectly.

Monkey said...

He would eat the profits Mr D