Friday, 13 May 2011

All By Myself

I had the whole of the upstairs of the bus to myself, how brilliant is that?

But I wish now that I’d had my picture taken on all of the seats,….. that would have been so funny. …… but there will be other times on the 535!


Mr.D said...

Was this the Banga bus driven by George? I suspect not, it looks a bit bigger.
I work just up from the Police Academy (nothing like the movie, unfortunately) and sometimes it is standing room only up to the Academy and I am the only person on the bus after it.

marc said...

in london the bus and tube are always full except if you take a dog on and then lots of people move out your way i have 3 so always get room ,mind you i dont take the bus that often in fact never lol but i do go on the tube big crushed love marc