Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Bus Trip on Capri!

Oh my life….. when I go back home to Wolverhampton and catch the Banga bus for the first time after my return, I will embrace George with all my heart, because I always feel safe when he is driving, on the Isle of Capri I must admit to fearing for my life!
Capri Bus Service
The roads were very, very steep and very, very bendy and to be honest I spent most of the upwards journey to the top of the island with my eyes squeezed very, very tightly shut  for fear that I might have a serious attack of the bends, asthma and panic!  Huge beads of sweat trickled down my face when at times there seemed to be nothing between the bus and a sheer drop into the sea.  In fact I feel quite sick just recalling the avventura!
Capri Bus service 2
I seemed to bounce from side to side, while the driver seemed quite nonchalant.  In my head I kept on saying “It’s OK Darrell, he does this all day, every day, just like George goes to and fro to Wolverhampton all day long, there’s no difference, so stop panicking!”  I think watching all those Paul McKenna programmes may have helped me a little, but I still think I wet myself a bit!
Just in case you are curious …. I have a little film here of part of the journey back down the hill ……


Mr.D said...

I'm sure you never wet yourself with George.

Mr.D said...

More Marmite madness. Auntie has this information.

Perhaps Monkey knows the outside of Featherstone Jail, but not the inside, of course.
Discovery - a lucky accident indeed.