Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ciao Bella Capri

Well, “There’s no rest for the malvagio” as they say here in Italy. Today we are off to Capri, which until now I thought was just a refreshing fruit flavoured drink in a metallic pouch!
Port of Sorrento
We had to catch the hydrofoil from the Port of Sorrento to Capri which was emozionante in itself
Hydrofoil Sorrento Capri
The sea was the most wonderful blue colour and fortuitously becalmed, but even so, I still wore my seasick wristbands just in case, I wanted nothing to spoil this day.
Picture 238
The views were just fantastico and so, I thought, I wouldn’t say much at this point, so that you can just drink in the beauty with me.
Snapshot of Isle of Capri
…….. stupendo ….
View on Capri 1
…… splendido …
Picture 232
…… I’ve almost run out of words ….. and bellissimo just doesn’t seem enough!


Mr.D turning green said...

I saw you even got some Capri sun. I could see you hanging with the jet set. Just a perfect day?

Mr.D said...

Hot off the press. Denmark has banned Marmite! What's going on?

Most Concerned Monkey, not by Mr D turning green but Marmite ban in Denmark ..... said...

Sorry you've turned green Mr D ..... this certainly beats a Sun £9.50 holiday hands down!! In fact it will be hard to caravan now!!!!

As for Marmite ban in Denmark ..... !!! I need to do some more research, but it's most worrying!

Should I/we ever go to Denmark could we take it through customs unfettered, or will we need to declare it and risk it being confiscated and us branded for bringing ilegal substances into the country.

Oh well looks like Denmark is off my list of places to go .... not sure if that includes Ikea as well!!