Sunday, 1 May 2011

Retail Therapy With Auntie Jan

After the wedding I felt a bit flat, so when Auntie Jan offered to take me shopping, I jumped at the chance.  I didn’t want anything in particular, but thought it would be nice to peruse the shelves of retail establishments a little.
Batman T-shirt
But, I found a brilliant Batman shirt for Darrell …
sweet station
And an assortment of amusing sweets for Nigel ……
False gnashers
And while Auntie Jan was buying several pairs of  Union Jack flip flops in Poundland …. I looked at the bags ….
Poundland Shopping
I ermed and ahhed at these butterfly bags, but did not yield into temptation ….. but, they might have looked quite nice with a bit of glitter and a strategically placed sequin, and now wish perhaps I had ….
Picture 179
Anyway, when I got home Darrell was THRILLED with his new shirt
Batman T-shirt 1
And the jelly false teeth I got for Nigel caused much amusement ……………..
Jelly false Realistic jelly false teeth
Hmmm I don’t think a confectionary review with them would be in the best possible taste …..
Jelly false teeth  ….. especially after Nigel had played with them! What is he like?
Picture 181

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Mr.D said...

And would you believe those butterflies are Mexican/American/Canadian?
They are Monarch butterflies (Mariposas Monarcas) that spend winter in Morelia and fly all the way to Canada and back for the following winter. In fact it takes about four life cycles but they still get back to the same spot. Mrs.D and I went to see them a couple of months ago - all 500 million of them. Mrs.D tried to give them all names but had to give up. A little over-ambitious.
Here endeth todays lesson.

P.S. I saw about threee minutes of the royal wedding on the news. El Principe Guillermo got hitched - or words to that effect.