Monday, 30 May 2011

Up Pompeii

Before we fly home later tonight, we have our final visit to somewhere I never thought I would ever go …….  only Pompeii, just how brilliant is that?
Picture 325
I can’t believe it, I keep on having to pinch myself….what a way to end a trip, and (yet again) it’s hard for me to find the right words without my emotions getting the better of me, I am truly overwhelmed, and overcome by awe and wonder.  The only thing I think I can compare it to is if I ever meet Stacey Solomon in real life!
Street in Pompeii
I can’t get over the sheer size of it all, I thought it would be quite small and that I could see it all in one day, how wrong I was, it’s bigger than West Bromwich ……. and it would take me days to see everything.
Picture 327
The amphitheatre made me go all goose bumpy thinking about all the battles that had been fought there between man and beast …. man and man …, beast and man …. beast, beast and man,, beast, dog, and man …… and all the people who once watched the gruesome spectacles……..
Picture 344
Walking through the buildings also felt spooky, imagining who had once lived there and wondering what had happened to them, and again Mount Vesuvius had a hypnotic effect on me, and I found myself constantly looking at it.
Picture 375
What a morning! A morning that will stay in my heart for ever and ever.
Picture 370
It's also hard to think that here I am standing in Pompeii, one of the most iconic places on earth and in a few short hours I’ll be back in Wolverhampton telling Monkey and Nigel all about my Italian adventures, I just don’t know where I will begin.
Picture 329
Italia addio, ciao bella …..


Mr.D said...

We read stories of Pompeii in Latin when I was at school. The people covered in ash which hardened and allowed plaster casts to be made really caught my imagination.

Debbie said...

I've enjoyed reading about your lovely trip, have a safe journey home, hugs Debbie x