Saturday, 28 May 2011

E sulla spiaggia di Capri, ho trovato la mia pietra holey ......

Translated ...... and on Capri beach I found my holey stone .....
Picture 277
Before leaving Capri, after an all too short visit, I decided to take a few minutes for quiet reflection on the beach
Beach on Capri
It was molto molto bello.
Sitting on the beach on Capri 
…… and covered with pebbles……. and you know me …. I couldn’t help casting my eye around looking for marine treasures gifted by the sea…. and then spread out on the beach for someone (like moi) to find.
Picture 275
(can you see a heart shaped stone too?)
…. and you’ll never guess what I found, almost straight away, as if it was put there just for me ….. come se dal destino.
Holey Stone from Capri
A very large holey stone, far too big to hang round my neck, well …. without the risk of serious injury that is.  It was an omen, I’m sure, so, although it was heavy, I put it in my backpack ….. to take it’s magical powers back home to Wolverhampton with me.  I just hope I am not breaking any quarantine laws by doing so!


Mr.D said...

Another holey stone. There is nothing else in the photo so it could be tiny for all I know - or huge. The bigger the holey stone, the stronger the magic?

Mr.D said...

I am impressed with your Italian, except I very much doubt that the translation for holey is err, holey.
I studied Latin at school so I recognise some Italian from my French, Latin and Spanish. I know some words from opera arias too. It sounds lovely when sung.

Angie said...

Sounds as though you had a great break ...I am sure its ok to bring back one stone.

Darrell - more holey than holy! said...

Mr D, the stone is quite big and very heavy ... especially for me to carry, but I am sure it was there for me to find in a spooky Derek Accorah type way,I knew I was meant to take it home! Who knows what "holey" is in Italian?

If I had found it in Rome would it be a Holy Holey Stone?

Answers on a postcard and addressed to Mr D Mexico!!!!