Monday, 9 May 2011

Presents Of An Unexpected Type Nature

Unexpected parcel
We had a parcel on Friday of a totally unexpected type nature from our huge friend Jan the Fan (not to be mistaken with Auntie Jan). We were all very curious to see what it contained.
Nemo Sun Shade
Darrell was first to find his present, a sun hat with a Nemo on, very on trend.
Clown Fish Sunshade
It really suited him, and I think Nigel was a touch envious, but …..
Monkey with a lollipop 1
Jan the Fan, knowing how partial Nigel is to lollipops had put one in for his present, beautifully labelled, so his sunhat envy was short lived
Gift Labels
In fact, all our gifts had lovely tags attached.
Picture 038
My gift, I have to admit, made me fill up a little, it was in a box in a velvet bag with a tag that said “Monkey, found this – thought of you.  I know Darrell has Stacey, I hope one day you too will find true love and give this away.  Love Janthefan xxx”
Heart shaped stone 1
It was a perfect heart shaped stone …… how wonderful and what a precious gift.
Thank You message
We are so blessed in a Hello Magazine type way to have such lovely fans and followers.  Thank you Jan the Fan, we love you xxx


Mr.D said...

The Nemo cap wouldn't fit you, Nigel. Some lovely gifts but I'm certain Monkey doesn't have a heart of stone nor a heart of glass nor is he cold-hearted.

marc said...

What great gifts from a fab friend your very lucky boys big love marc