Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Arrivederci Wolverhampton Part 2

I’m not sure Monkey entirely believed me when I said that I’d accidently toppled in the tour bag bound for Rome! At first I was really worried, but as there’s nothing I can really do about this unfortunate situation, the only choice I have now is to embrace the experience that is  about to unfold before me!

Picture 005
…….I cannot believe how fortuitous and coincidental it was that I had my clean laundry, in a bag, over my shoulder as I lost my balance and fell into the bag, which means that I have at least got a couple of clean t-shirts and pairs of pants with me so I won't have a mal-ordourous whiff about me during the trip!
I’ve seen the itinerary, it’s going to be a very whistle stop trip, and now I’m over the shock, I am really very, very excited in a breathless Stacey Solomon type way……..

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Mr.D said...

Don't forget to take a coin or three to the Trevi fountain.